Islam: The Post Classical Superpower
In this wikispace, we explore the expansion of Islam and the effects it had on the people and the regions.

Picture 1- Mecca
Picture 2- Kabah
Picture 3- Mosque in Istanbul (Constantinople)
Picture 4- Quran

Tagxedo Analysis: This is a tagxedo is based on the article provided to us by our class instructor, Mr. Green. Tagxedo allows us to give shape to the words, so we thought it appropriate to make it the crescent and the star as it has become a symbol for Islam due to the fact that it is run on the lunar calender. The color was chosen for arbitrary reasons. The largest words are the ones that are repeated the most. It is clearly visible that the words muslim, prayer, and God are the largest words.Muslims are the followers of the Islamic religion. One of the pillars requires that you pray 5 mandatory prayers at designated times of the day. However the biggest belief is in the existence of only one God. Slightly smaller words show the words prophet and Mohammad. These beliefs are the core of being muslim. This distinction between muslim and non-muslim would ultimately be an incentive to convert.

Objectives students will create a group wiki focused on the spread of Islam from Arabia to the following regions
  • North Africa
  • Europe
  • Remainder of the Middle East
  • India
  • South East Asia
  • Sub Saharan Africa

Students will focus on the following key ideas
  • How did Islam spread?
  • Growth of Trade within the Islamic world
  • Urbanization and Islam
  • Architecture throughout the Islamic world
  • Examples of Syncretism and Islam
  • Reactions to Islam.

Wikis must include the following features
  • Wordle
  • Slideshow of Images
  • Google Maps (embedded)
  • Glog
  • Any other features you think would be creative and interesting